About Us

Did you know that most repair shops make more money on parts than they do labor? In fact, most of the time, parts being sold by shops are marked up between 100-500% above list price, which significantly increases the average cost of repairs. At our shop, this is not the case. The large volume of parts that we purchase annually nets us a trememendous discount, and we pass those savings on to our customers. You pay what we pay for parts, period.

Experts would say that we are using a poor, unsustainable business model and that our gains should be made by gouging our customers through severely marked up parts and unexpected fees. We strongly disagree. Building strong, long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships founded on trust and transparency with our customers is our primary goal. Keeping the cost of parts down as low as possible is only one of the many ways that we strive to attain that goal. 

Austin Tritt

Owner, Baltimore | Annapolis Auto, Truck & Trailer Service